Total Management Package

Total Management Package.


Athens B&B provides Total Management services consisting of: Creating, improving,displaying and advertise your property at our website and on the most popular international short-term rental platforms. Advertise your property on social media. Digital marketing with the incorporation of the property into the company database. Communicate with the visitor to provide information about the property and how to access it.Communicate with the visitor to provide information about the property, and how to access it. Property check before the arrival of the guests. Check-in and check-out procedure. Constant communication with the guest (to provide information and resolve any problems during his / her stay). Property check after the guest’s departure. Property bills payment upon agreement with the owner. Maximization of your income is our common –mutual- goal! Our business motto is RAP -Reliable, Accurate, Professional

Starting from 25%

Electronic Management

E- management of your properties and reservations with live availability and booking management

Digital Marketing

Promote your listing through the most popular social media, newsletters and other promotional actions

Customer Validation

Assessment of candidate tenants from which you can evaluate customers and filter according to your needs

Traveler Info Material

We provide general information material(printed instructions, maps, leaflets) to our guests in order to facilitate their stay

Consumables Supplies

Replenishment of everyday use cleaning items and essentials (shampoo, shower gel, sanitary ware)

Assessment & Consulting

Assessment and consulting services to make your property as attractive as possible to prospective visitors

Exclusive Collaborations

Ensuring exclusive partnerships with famous companies operating in the tourism sector (business travellers)

Live Availability

Online syncronization of reservations, availability and everything that has to do with the optimization of your listing

Professional Photography

Maximize the property through professional quality photos to be exploited and displayed in the best possible way

Owner Communication

Continuous and Systematic Communication with every owner. You will be able to reach us 24/7.

Worldwide Listing

Uploading of your listing on our website, and the largest international short stay rental platforms.

Instant Client Response

We have 100% response rate to all requests (booking, information requests and more…) in less than an hour

Guest Check-In/Out

Specially trained concierges to welcome the guests and take care of the check-in and check-out process

Cleaning Service

Includes the undertaking of the responsibility for room cleaning and clothing after every check-out (bed linen, towels etc.)


Supervision in order to keep the property in top condition and maximize the –mutual- benefit.

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All properties should be located in the center of Athens or in the southern suburbs of the city or on the Greek Islands. The property must be in good / excellent condition. If the property is furnished and also features electrical appliances, the equipment must be in good condition and the overall decoration mixture must be smart and elegant.



  • How do I know if my property has reservation ?

    In case there is a reservation for your property, our company’s computer system automatically sends you -within 24 hours- to your email address a complete information report including all the information concerning the reservation for your property.

  • And what happens if I want a rental price higher than the one you recommend ?

    Of course you can ask any desired rental price for your property. However, keep in mind that the market demand determines the rental price. In that case, if the desired price is considered to be too high, your property may remain empty for longer periods than necessary.

  • How often I receive statement about property’s accommodation reservations ?

    The liquidation concerning the bookings made for your property during a  calendar month is taking place within the first two weeks of next month. Detailed statement is sent to the email address declared, as well as a copy of the document of the bank transfer concerning the amount attributable to the property owner.

  • Am I allowed to use my rental property during our cooperation ?

    Of course you can, as long as you inform us in good time and it goes without saying that there must be no reservation for that specific period.

  • What are the regular inspections of the property ?

    Our company conducts regular inspections of the property during rental periods and in addition when a tenant leaves and of course at any time deemed appropriate by the owner. Periodic inspections are recommended in order to determine the preventive maintenance required, and also in case there is any unpredictable damage caused  by a tenant.

  • Am I allowed to inspect my property anytime I want ?

    Of course you are allowed, after consultation with the company, and of course during periods where there are no tenants in the property.

  • How often there will be communication between the owner and the company ?

    Would you prefer your property manager contact you whenever an issue arises concerning your rental property or you would prefer our company to handle the situations in the light of your interest? Inform us about your expectations, in order to avoid confusion. It would also be advisable to indicate the desirable way of communication (email, communication via landline or mobile phone)

  • If something comes up in the middle of the night, whom am I suppose to inform ?

    We will take care of the problem, even in the middle of the night! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, this is one good reason to do business with us, so you can avoid unnecessary concerns.

  • Why should I choose your company over another ?

    There are undoubtedly good grounds for such a choice:

    • We communicate timely and consistently.
    • We investigate the market searching and comparing rental properties, in order to determine the highest rental price for your property.
    • We provide timely information regarding the periods during which there are no reservations, in order to redefine together the daily rental price, so as to achieve maximum financial gain.
    • We strive persistently to keep maintenance costs low, providing services through our own maintenance staff, instead of using more expensive contractors.
    • We respond promptly to all tenant calls, addressing every issue that arises in connection with your rental property.


    We offer:

    • Aggressive marketing for your property.
    • Inspection of your rental property
    • Preparation of monthly statements.
    • Maintenance services
    • Extended repairs, if requested by the owner.
    • Recommendations concerning the improvement of the rental property

Would You Like a More Personalized Brefing ?

Athens B&B always takes into consideration the personal needs of each owner and the particularities of each property, in order to provide the best possible performance. This enables us with the ability to provide specialized solutions and the highest quality of service. If you need our immediate response and help for  your own needs, please contact us in the following phone or fill in the form below and a representative will contact you within the next 24 hours.

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