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You spent years planning to visit this vibrant city, with its long history and the endless blue sky and sea. Here the sun is brighter than elsewhere … Whether you choose to get to know the rich history of the city and walk where the footsteps of Plato and Aristotle once sounded, or you are one of those who would rather live the intense pace of this city that has something for everyone, then our Athens B&B team can make sure that your stay is unforgettable.

about Athens B&B

Welcome Home,

It’s nice to open the door of the accommodation that will host you for a few or many days and immediately feel as if you arrived at your home away from home … and somebody has already taken care of your needs in advance, so you can enjoy a hot tea or coffee to relax you after the hours spent in crowded airports and boats.

The familiarity and warmth of an apartment which combines comfort and high quality services of a hotel is always our goal here at Athens B&B. We can achieve this, because in addition to our zeal, passion and love for what we do, we have been travelers ourselves and we know the needs of someone who is far away from home.

Consistency and Continuity

Apart from our own accommodation-apartments in the center of Athens, luxury villas and cottages in the southern suburbs and in the islands, our experienced team – with an extensive presence in the field and numerous excellent reviews from visitors – assumes the management of property, whose owners want to take full advantage of it, but they do not know how to do it, or they do not have the time required to undertake such a responsibility. The satisfaction of travelers, but also of the property owners, is a task that requires great flexibility, consistency and continuity, energy, time and inexhaustible lust for work, which our team has.

John Steinbeck, the author awarded Nobel Prize in Literature has once said that “a journey is like marriage and the most certain way to make a mistake is to think that everything is under your control”. Yet, we are here to make sure that nothing will go wrong and eventual contingencies of your trip can only be joyful!

– AthensB&B

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